Friday, September 9, 2011

Instagram Friday

It's that time of the week again- Instagram Friday! I love taking pictures and sharing them with this app. So here's what happened this week according to Instagram.

Carson is sick.... again. This time we have a respiratory infection, wheezing and ear infections= antibiotics and steroids.

Yep, that's our camper. We have to park it there to load it up!

The boys playing together fairly well. They love playdoh.

The whole reason we went to Alabama camping was to pick up our new puppy, Benelli. Isn't she cute?

Back to the doctor cause someone isn't getting better. Still has ear infections after round of antibiotics= more antibiotics and talks of tubes in the ears.

Free breakfast at Chickfila? Yes, please!

Lego Heads. Love 'em.

How was your week in Instagram photos? Wanna follow me? I'm @abbrandes.

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Erinn said...

The puppy is so cute! I hope she is a great addition to your family :)

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

Thanks, Erinn!

I'm Holly said...

The lego heads are awesome! Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

What a cute puppy! Which your other cutie a get well soon!