Friday, September 9, 2011

Warrior Prayers for Sons: Friday Final

This week has been a challenge... a serious challenge. I thought going into it that when I prayed constantly for my sons that maybe God would start to change them, their hearts, their ways, their actions, etc, maybe just a little bit. Instead, like my momma said, No, that just means that Satan works overtime. And has Satan worked overtime this week in our house. 

As parents we tend to not want to admit how our children really act behind closed doors. We all want to have the perfect children with the perfect lives. But instead this week our life has been messy and not pretty. My boys have been awful this week. They have fought, they have grumbled, they have complained, they have cried, they have been defiant, they have been selfish, they have been boys and human, imperfect boys, at that. 

I love how Brooke said it:
"Parenting my sons is my greatest joy and my greatest challenge. I love them to the ends of the earth and back, but honestly, sometimes they suck the life out of me. I get so discouraged when it seems that even my best efforts to reach their hearts miss the mark. I have all the right books (and I’ve actually read them--some several times!). Each day I target the hearts of my boys, aiming high and taking my best shot. But so many days I fall short, or my aim is off, or I’m just too weary to pull the bow back far enough for the arrow to have the strength to pierce the heart. I go to bed those nights exhausted physically and emotionally. But in my weakness, He is strong. 
Perhaps the best place for a weary mom to be is physically and emotionally exhausted and on her knees."

I have been praying 10 times a day for my children since Tuesday (I set my phone to alarm each hour and a half to remind me). I've been working through the book and this week I have prayed for my son's heart change, obedience, submission to authority, and integrity. Not only have I been praying for these for my sons, but God has also convicted me to pray for these for myself. 

What I have prayed for:
Heart Change- that my son's hearts would be changed for the good. To be made hearts of flesh and softened by the Lord.

Obedience- that my son's would obey their parents, their leaders, their heavenly Father.

Submission to Authority- may my sons resist the devil and flee him and submit themselves to God.

Integrity (Incorruptibility, Soundness, Completeness)- may God raise my sons to be sons with integrity and be examples in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity.

I am still praying for the next 18 days. I am looking forward to it. But I think I need you to please be in prayer for me too!


Shonda said...

Beautiful, Ashley! I am battling the same things with my son. That is why these are Warrior Prayers! Thanks for linking up and being part of this group.

Amanda said...

I'm so thankful that He is strong in our weaknesses. I mentioned to my husband how difficult this week has been and that I'd been praying for our son, and he said "doesn't that just scream spiritual attack?"

I'm also thankful I'm not alone! It's so nice to have the support of other moms.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing some encouragement-- it's hard to know what to do in the midst of temper tantrums! I'm trying to move naptime back to see if he'll sleep. If it goes away entirely, I think I will institute some kind of rest time.