Friday, December 30, 2011


2011 was a busy year for the Brandes Household, but I'm starting to think, when is is not busy around here. I was such a bad blogger that I thought I might should do a brief re-cap of everything that happened.

We had snow, snow, and more snow!
Carson was mobile and into everything.

We had a Valentine's Mystery Dinner (that was so much fun).
Warren played basketball.
And Carson got his first haircut.

Carson turned ONE!
We celebrated Dr Seuss' Birthday and a yummy St Patty's Day.
And went to the park.

We celebrated Easter and Christ rising from the dead.
We participated in some Easter Egg Hunts.
And started baseball for Ben and visited some more parks.

Warren graduated from Tender Treasures.
Ben had his first piano recital.
We went on our annual Memorial Day Camping trip.

We went to VBS's, TN Aquarium, and the Drive In.
I hosted a canning party and a 5 year-old birthday party.

We bought a 5th Wheel trailer.
We went to our annual Fall Creek Falls trip.
We went to Washington, DC.
We went camping (and ran out of electricity and came home).
We took a trip to FL while Daddy went to Argentina.
And celebrated Camden's 3rd birthday (our nephew).
Whew, July was a busy month!

School started- Ben is in the 2nd grade and Warren is in Kindergarten.
We went back to parks
and went kayaking.

We picked up Benelli and went camping (and came home cause it was raining and Carson was sick).
Ben started Boy Scouts.
We went to the fair, fall festivals, and the air show.
and played Upward Football.

We said goodbye to Tyler's Grandfather. 
Celebrated Tyler's and Ben's Birthday.
Loooooonnnnngggg road trip with the RV.
Disney World!!!
Hosted a Pizza Party, Grandma and Poppa, jumped in some leaves, Amazing Acres and Halloween.

Jumped in some more leaves.
Lots of crafts.
Went to FL for Thanksgiving.
Celebrated 9 years of marriage.

Tyler and I went to KY to celebrate our anniversary.
Benelli broke her femur.
Awana awards, Jumpville, Christmas parade, Christmas concert, and Christmas Church Play.
Celebrating Hanukah, and the birth of the King.

What in the world will 2012 hold!

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