Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning we have a tradition of staying home and opening presents with just our immediate family. This year was no exception. We had all the presents downstairs for the boys. The oldest two woke up first, and since Carson isn't feeling well, I let him sleep. The first presents they saw were the Star Wars toys. They LOVE them!

  Next, they opened their stocking. Such fun little items. Then we moved on to their presents. Tyler and I both loved seeing their awe and amazement written on their faces. They had so much fun!

When Carson did wake up, he came downstairs and opened his presents too. He is at a fun age to open. He loves his Little People car!

I surprised Tyler with a custom knife from R.E.H. Knives and he surprised me with a Col. Littleton handbag (I love it!).

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