Friday, May 4, 2012


Its been a WHILE since I've done InstaFriday, so why not!
Here's what happened in our house according to my iphone and the app, Instagram.

I love technology! How about getting to video chat with your nephew and sister in law! Here's to staying connected.

Ahhhh... pedicure day. My favorite.

I'm participating in another monthly challenge. This one is by The Organic Bloom. I just liked their theme: My Town.

First up: day 1- my mailbox

Day 2- a stop sign
Day 3- my garden (I'm growing broccoli, not really sure if it is going to turn out or not. It's taken FOREVER to bloom/bunch).

And here's a couple of pictures that I didn't upload to Instagram but were notable...

Uhhhhhh... that's not what I said... thanks, Dragon Dictation. 

And here's two cuties on Daddy's mower. Usually if I "loose" Carson outside I find him on the mower or on the Rhino. Go figure.

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