Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Schedule

Last year I dreamed up an idea for a summer schedule board. You see, my boys thrive on schedules. They need the order in their day. They need to know what to expect and when to expect it each day.

I needed a space for the daily routine in something visual for young kids. I also needed a space for daily chores. My kids also get bored and need some change mixed in. And lastly, I needed a space for our weekly schedule- for all of us to know what is coming up and going on. We started with a magnetic dry erase board. My talented hubs put skinny black tape to make the different sections. And I cut vinyl out for the titles.

Here's messy board with too many circles on it! Oops, I forgot a pocket for extras.

I found icons or symbols using my Silhouette Machine. I love using this machine. Sometimes it wasn't so easy finding the perfect symbol, but we made due. I used plain colored paper and had the machine cut them out. I used a perfect circle to then attach the symbols onto. Next, with my husband's help, I laminated each circle and attached a magnet to the back of each circle.

Each morning (or the night before) I rearrange the circles and write anything necessary for the day. This way, when they get up they know what's coming. And on days like today, I let them choose what and when they wanted to do activities. I ultimately selected their choices and they got a little control in picking some of them (like playing with dinosaurs and THEN get dressed, usually we get dressed first. Or not choosing to ride bikes or read books today, because I've forced them to do those two activities all week).

This whole process took a long time. But we use it everyday during the summer so it is worth it. Enjoy!

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