Thursday, August 16, 2012

Disney: July 2012

This past year we decided to sign up for Disney's annual pass. It worked out cheaper for us as many times as we went. This time we tried out a new place to stay and it was perfect! My mom went with us and was LOADS of help!

Our first park was Magic Kingdom

 Lots of tour groups from Brazil.

 Mesmerized on It's A Small World

TTA People Mover

The New Dumbo ride. LOVE the new play area and pagers they have for you to wait for your turn. A-mazing!

 Drawing about his encounter with Buzz
 Parade Time

 That night my mom, Ben, Warren, and I went back in to ride some more rides and watch the fireworks. We had so much fun!

 We decided to eat at the Garden Grill in Epcot this time. The food was delicious, hot, and plentiful (it's served family style). The service was great. It wasn't too crowded. And we got our fair turn with all the characters. Yes, it was expensive (it's Disney), but totally worth it.

 Carson had fun picking up the leftovers in the bottom of the salad bowl and transferring them to a plate and then back again.

We visited the Boardwalk Resort. Have you seen this hidden Mickey?
 CiCi and her boys
 Our food was delicious at the Flying Fish Cafe! Pictured are a crab cake appetizer, scallops entree, steak entree, and a kids Mickey's Caldron dessert. Warren had fish sticks (served on sticks) and he asked for them just about every night afterwards.

 Hollywood Studios day!
 Mom, Warren, Carson and I got chosen to magically open the doors to Playhouse Disney. It was pretty neat, we got to be the very first people into the show, a seat right up front and center, and a certificate.
Our family's favorite ride (besides Pirates of the Caribbean) Toy Story Midway Mania.

More Parades

 One Night Tyler and I took the boys to Downtown Disney. It was insane. So crowd and hot (that's what you get for going in July to Disney World).

 Animal Kingdom. We ate at the Tusker House for the character breakfast
 Carson REALLY liked the ice cream sandwich
 And a day at Epcot

 We participated in the new Perry's Adventure that used to be Kim Possible. It was fun, but the kids lost interest.

 Our snacks at Disney that we had never tried. On the left is a cake pop- the ears were marshmallows. It was a little dry for my taste, but still a yummy treat. On the top right is a filled waffle sandwich with nutella and fruit from Sleepy Hollow (Magic Kingdom). YUM! This was made right when I ordered so it took just a little while to get, but it was still hot. The kids loved this one. And the bottom right is a Carrot Cake Cookie from Writer's Stop (Hollywood Studios). It was huge! We all liked this one. It was like eating a piece of carrot cake. My only negative comment was that it had raisins. Yes, they were golden raisin, but personal preference, I don't like raisins in my carrot cake.

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