Tuesday, October 2, 2012


While Tyler was in the Cayman Islands with Dive Pirates last month, he was unable to complete his dive training. He needed to get certified. The instructors and he worked out our schedules and we ended up flying out to Houston for a weekend. It just so happened that it was the weekend of the Lone Survivor Gala. The Lone Survivor Foundation works with military vets and helps them get back to where they need to be after they come back from deployment. They do some pretty awesome things. You might want to check them out! Tyler and I had an awesome time getting away and being by ourselves (something that RARELY happens).

At the airport getting ready to leave. It was really early.

 Inside a Houston Mall. I don't get out much anymore. It was so nice to window shop.

Yes, I took pictures of my food. It was a HUGE sandwich that I only ate half of, but oh so, yummy.

Getting ready for the Gala.

Uhhhhh... I think I could have dressed a bit more casual.

Food was yummy.

Tyler and I

And then we got to come home to these precious faces!

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