Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween with our three ninjas! They had so much fun.

Ben as the Red Ninja


And Warren as the black ninja

I really tried to get a picture of all three, but it didn't happen. Warren was upset about having to share his sword. Carson won't sit still for anything, and Ben was performing.

Our first stop was Life Care. It's the nursing home where my grandfather, Poppa, is living. They changed Halloween there for the safety and wellbeing of the residents. It was in the cafeteria this year and a little crazy. We got there right at the start of the costume contest. Here's Camden, my nephew, trying to find out where to go.

They had snacks and goodie bags for the kids. Carson loved the icing off the cupcake.

I tried to get pictures with Poppa, but it was a little hard. Here's Camden.


And a squirming Carson.

Afterwards we drove around looking for more candy, but the trunk or treats weren't open yet. We went home and got our Mummy Dogs and a little rest. Later we headed back out to Trick or Treat locally. Honestly, I think the older boys had more fun passing out candy at my mom's house than going door-to-door!

And now for my cell phone pics...
They had a photobooth at the nursing home. I really have no words for Ben's face. I think it's hilarious!

Our mummy dogs. It's all about the tradition.

Carson went back out as a giraffe for the second part of the night. He was so cute, but wouldn't stay still!

And this was the boys' teachers Halloween gift. I found the idea on the Internet...
You take a surgical glove (which we had already), put Smarties in the fingers, and then I filled the palm with the teachers' favorite candy. Tie, stick a free printable tag on it, and place a spider ring on a "finger" and call it a day! So simple. 

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