Friday, October 26, 2012

More Instagram Pictures

When we went to Gatlinburg I purchased this pottery bacon cooker. Man, my boys can go through the bacon. I am always looking for easier and faster way to make bacon. It is a pretty cool contraption. I think it works best with thinner bacon in the microwave.

Making homemade vanilla. So easy, it's the waiting that's hard! Christmas here we come!

My Halloween decorations.

We had a cookout. Carson enjoyed himself!
 So did the boys.
 And Tyler too!
 Carson wants to be a fireman when he grows up.
 The community had a crusade. A couple of nights they served pizza. Man, that was a lot of pizza.

My candy cake for the Fall Carnival Auction.
 Working at the school for the Fall Carnival, Carson and I had lunch with Warren (and Ben too).
 Carson helped lots. Ha!
 I hosted a Emily Owens, M.D. House Party.
 We had lots of fun!

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