Thursday, February 22, 2007

Into Everything!!!

I have said before- that nothing is safe! I am quickly coming to realize that, for real, NOTHING is safe. This is a picture of Warren in our bathroom. I was going to get in the shower and he decided to climb into our free-standing towel rack and try to stand up! He got frustrated when he realized he couldn't. He was so mad at me for taking a shower without him. This one loves the water just as much as Benjamin did (still does).
He is into everything. I found him day before yesterday chewing on an empty toilet paper roll from the garbage can in my bathroom with the trash all over the bathroom as well. Lovely. Needless to say the garbage can has a new home on top of the toilet.
I finally figured out why he is waking up all night long. He is not only cutting one front tooth- he is cutting ALL FOUR front top teeth. Wonderful! Since I know what is wrong, we have started medicating him (with Tylenol, teething tablets, and Oragel teething gel). Life is MUCH better. He only woke up once last night and I put some gel on his gums. He slept until 6 o'clock!!! I will still be glad when we get this over with.
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