Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Travelin' Man

Saturday I went to Tampa to scrapbook all day. It was fun to get something done on Warren’s scrapbook (and not think about who is getting into what). I got him all caught up (until January of this year at least). I can only get things done on the boys’ books when I go some where. Can you imagine scrapbooking supplies all over my house if I did it here??? I can see it now! I got home around 6pm and then we went back to St. Pete to eat dinner with Russ and Mary (in-laws) and give them Benjamin. They called Saturday morning to ask if they could take Benjamin along with Madi to Epcot on Sunday and then on to Jacksonville to visit family (the picture is of Great-Grandma Brandes and the boys on our last visit in January). Of course, we were more than willing to offer up our child!!!:) Sunday, Tyler and I cleaned out our garage. This was a much needed task; it felt great to get it done! We also went over to Jeff and Natalie's to watch eat dinner and watch The Departed. It was a good movie, but lots of blood and guns. It was Chinese New Year and she made an awesome dinner of spare ribs, chicken, fried rice and veggies. Yum! Monday, I had already agreed to watch Theresa’s children, Brendan and Tyler. They were great and had a great time playing with Warren. I am not sure who was more excited to see each other. Warren just lit up when he saw someone else his own size. He had a blast. Tyler went and got Benjamin last night- he was out before they got home. I know he had a good time. He said his favorite thing was “the fishies” at Epcot. He got to stop and pick oranges too. My mom comes in tonight for a long visit. I am looking forward to her being here. We might try to sleep train Warren next week. Yesterday I did feel his top front tooth poking through- so that is some of why he is waking up at night, with last night being no exception. Oh well. He will eventually sleep through the night.
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