Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Sunday, Warren was really sick. I knew something wasn't right so I called the pediatrician's answering service. They made me feel better and got me through the day. He was still no better the next day so I called my doctor. They saw me at 10 am. We proceeded straight to All-Children's Hospital in St Pete to rule out spinal meningitis. After many lab tests, IV, and a spinal tab, we have a confirmed diagnosis of meningitis. We are still not sure if it is bacterial or viral. Viral would be the one you want if you are going to get it. Still don't know too much. The are treating Warren with IV antibiotics every 6 hours, a just in case of it being bacterial. Right now they are thinking it is viral because he is acting soooo good. We are waiting on his gram stain. If that comes back negative we are out tomorrow am. If it comes back with bacteria in the fluid, we are in the hospital for 10 days. Please pray it is viral!!!! Thanks again for all your concern and prayers.

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Ryan, Jenny, C&C said...

oh my goodness! we'll be praying for him...keep us updated