Thursday, March 1, 2007


No, this is not Warren... just Reese. I took Warren to the doctor this morning. I got really worried because before we went I noticed that his fontanel was swollen again. In the hospital, it had gone down, almost immediately after the spinal tap. Plus he was a little bit irritable. I was thinking this was normal- he isn't over this meningitis yet and he has been held for the last 3 days! We have a lot to retrain (but now is not really the time)! The doctor reassured me. It was completely normal. She also said he is not necessarily contagious. If someone else caught something from him, it might manifest as something totally different like a stomach flu. She clarified what to look for- as to when to take him back in if he gets worse. Luckily, we are still doing very well! I had to stop at Tibbetts Holdings (Ty's family's business) to sign papers. Polly came in with Reese. She is still soooo tiny- but PRECIOUS!!! I just wish mine had been that small. She is doing well, but still only 5 lbs 13 oz! It was very good to see them both. Posted by Picasa

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