Thursday, July 10, 2008

Look What Warren Found!

Warren found a tiny little frog in our pool this morning. He was clinging to the tile around the side for dear life. I pulled him out a bit to let him dry off for a minute. After Warren "touch it," I let him out the back door. Hopefully he won't come back, I fear he might not make it after another "swim" in our pool.


allison said...

Could he be ANY cuter???

I don't think so!

Elizabeth said...

I dont know why the FCF Pictures are not showing up. I am working to try to get them working. If you don't mind would you try again a little later to see if you can see them? Thanks for letting me know.


Elizabeth said...

I take that back. It should be working now. I think I forgot to add it to my collection when I sent the invitation to myself. Sorry about that. If it doesnt work now just let me know.

Love y'all