Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We've had company!

My college roommate and her family came over to visit us for a couple of days this week! Jenn and Rodney, Abbie, 4 1/2, Caleb, 2 1/2, and Joshua, 1, all came from Orlando area on Sunday and just left today (we hated to see them leave). Jenn and I have been trying to plan this trip for about 6 months and every time we get right down to the wire, at least one of the kids get sick. This time hours before they got into the car, Joshua came down with a fever! Of course, I told them to just come on over! He quickly got over his little fever and then Caleb came down with something last night. You couldn't tell by my pictures today! Such precious children! Enjoy the pictures!
Caleb and Warren hugging with Joshua in the background


Benjamin and Abbie- they played so well together!!!


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allison said...

Looks like they had fun! :) They are getting SO big!

I can't believe what a little grown up Ben looks like in pictures these days!

Where does the time go!?!