Friday, January 30, 2009

County Fair

We love going to the fair each year! My other posts are here and here. The fair was in town last week and we ended up going THREE times!!! Yes, we're crazy! We had such a good time. Here's some pictures of us having a ball...

First things, first. Got to go see the animals. First up were the chickens. Warren didn't like them.Loved the bunnies though
Danika and Ben talked to the roosters. They even danced with them.

McKenna loved the bunnies too.

The Talking Pony. The kids loved him.

Danika and McKenna

The first ride. A roller coaster. Just look at Warren's face. It says it all! But he didn't cry. He said it was "scary, scary" when he got off.



The next ride. Cars that go round and round. They loved this one. Warren kept telling Ben to "Turn, Turn, Turn."

Yummy Cotton Candy.

These guys were on the tops of these poles. Crazy!

Our third and final trip Liz and Chad, and their two kids, Madi and Meghan, went with us.
Liz and Madi on the carousel.
Chad and Madi and Ben on the super slide.

I love Ben's face!

No Pig Races this year. We had to settle for Banana Races- Monkeys on the backs of dogs that raced. Too funny.

Benjamin and I went up into the big Ferris Wheel. Here's our view.

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allison said...

3 things:
1. is it bad that I just laughed harder than I've laughed in DAYS at the look on Warren's face on the roller coaster?
2. Boo for the lack of pig races but the Monkeys do look like a suitable if not completely worthy replacement.
3. It seem like every year I want to go to the fair with you and I never make it :(...There's always next year :)