Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Carson

I never got to do the 4D ultrasounds with the other boys, so I knew that I wanted to try and get one done with this pregnancy (since it is my LAST one!). I booked my appointment at Look Who's Kickin' locally. We had such a great experience there! To start with, it was such a nice place! They took us right back and we started. Carson did not want to show us his face to start with. In the first picture you can see his right arm going over his face and his toes coming in at the middle of the frame. Poor little (HA!) guy, he's a pretzel in there!

For a while, he just wanted to show us his toes. It was so cool to actually get to see them wiggle :)

Here was our first really good facial shot. The bubbly stuff over his mouth is the cord in the way.

Either he will have Daddy's nose, or he is smooshed in there. I'm gonna guess his is extremely smooshed.

Sweet baby gave us a smile!

It was so neat to see this kind of ultrasound! I would highly recommend it to anyone!