Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Fifth Wheel

The beginning of July we bought a fifth wheel trailer. We looked around and explored all the different options. At first I wanted the kind that you drive and its a RV, but the more we explored we thought the fifth wheel would best suit our needs. And here's a little tour of the inside. Sorry the pictures aren't great- they are with my phone (and when it was still at the dealers).

When you walk in- this is what you see... a couch that makes a bed and a dinette that also makes a bed!

Opposite from that is the kitchen. It's a nice size kitchen!

If you continue on back there is the boy's room. This is a picture of their wardrobe and entertainment center. Plenty of drawers for all their clothes.

And here's a picture of their bunks. I like that the bottom one is so low! Not too far to fall! This room is big enough to also put a pack n play so Carson sleeps in here too.

Here's a quick picture of the boy's bathroom. It's in their room (with it's own door, of course). Small, but serves its purpose.

Here's a view looking from the boys' room towards the front of the camper. On the left is the couch and dinette, and on the right is the kitchen area. My one requirement was that the boys space had a door leading to the rest of the camper. And it does, you just can't see it in this picture. There is a ceiling fan you can see in this picture and I use the cabinets on the right of the TV for my pantry. It works great.

Up a couple of steps and to the right is our area of the camper. First up is our bathroom! Tyler actually fits in the shower. There's some great storage in here that was tough to take a picture of, as well as all the usual facilities. 

And then our bedroom. It's a queen size bed with wardrobes on both sides.

And that's the tour of our camper! We love it, and can't wait to take it more places!

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DebandVince said...

Love your RV.. Wish we had hardwood floors instead of carpet in places... and room there is never enough room in these things and you have to watch your weight situation also,,,,, you will enjoy yours for many years with the boys and many memories will be made with it,,,,, Debbie Pugliese