Friday, August 24, 2012

The week before school starts

Yes, I'm still behind. I'm trying to get caught up! Whew. We've been busy.

Once we got back, I found out my dear friend had her third baby. Awwww... I love holding babies.

Nelli loves to ride!

Tyler took Carson to Florida for the week; he had a meeting and his mom offered! I think Carson had a great time playing with all our Florida family and friends.

I let the boys draw a tag from our Summer Jars and they drew bake cupcakes and decorate them. I only got a picture of Ben's. They had so much fun!

We had a late night pool party for Warren's TBall team. The boys loved to get to swim with friends.

Carson came home and livened things up!

And we made the most of our summer. Campfire and s'mores the night before school! Thanks, CiCi.

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