Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Lost Sea Adventure

Once Daddy got home we went on an adventure to The Lost Sea Adventure. The Lost Sea is located in Sweetwater, TN- a little bit of a drive for us, but not too bad. It is a cave with a lake underground.

They have a little village area with a place to eat and places to shop.

This is the tunnel you use to go into the cave. They had to blast their way through to make this opening.

Looking back up.

Ben was so not excited I was taking his picture.

Inside the cave.

These formations are very rare and are only in a handful of US caves!

The cival war soldiers would make salt peter in this mine.

They have carbon dated these writings and the black ones are true! Someone left this in 1863!


They also had a bar, dance hall, and made moonshine in this cave.

Fish in the lake. They put the trout into the lake as an experiment- 1: to see if the fish could find a way out, and 2: to see if they could survive. The answers were- no: they didn't find a way out of the cave waterway, and 2: no they can't survive on their own, but they do feed them regularly and they do survive.

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